The MDT Token

Decentralized Data Exchange Economy

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange ecosystem connecting users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data.

Etherscan Token Lockup Redeem


MDT is listed on,, FCoin, Bancor Network, TOK, DigiFinex, and



Measurable AI Free Trial Version

MyMDT Public Beta Release


Measurable AI Free Trial Version (to invited parties)


Measurable AI Public Beta Release


MyMDT Launch and Third Party Integration Support

Measurable AI Public Launch


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Meet the Team

Our team are veterans of consumer apps, big data and media. We have successfully developed a popular messaging app in 2014, MailTime Email Messenger, later named as Best of 2015 on AppStore by Apple. The team also launched a big data platform, Measurable AI. After years of experience in both fields, they realized that no solution aims to compensate consumers for contributing valuable big data. Join us to change that!

Early Investors