Lock Up Your Tokens
MDT 锁仓赠币

Please complete the following 3 steps for token lock-up.
Before you start, please make sure that you have MetaMask installed and your wallet imported. This webpage is the ONLY way to get lockup bonus.
请通过以下三个步骤完成量数币 MDT 锁币。
请确保您已安装 MetaMask 并成功导入了您的钱包。本网页为 MDT 锁币唯一方式,请勿使用其他方式进行锁币

Please be aware that the lock-up is a one-time option. You may only lock-up a specific portion of your MDT for one designated period all at once.

Your Account in MetaMask 您在 MetaMask 所选的地址:


You currently have 9,000 MDT eligible for lock-up. Your personal max for the lock-up is 9,000 MDT
您的钱包中有9,000 MDT可以参与本活动。您个人可锁最高份额为9,000 MDT

This webpage is only for Early Bird and Late Bird tokens. If you want to lock up tokens from Private sale, please contact us.


Please select the amount of MDT that you want to lock up. Minimum 625 MDT. Maximum the amount that you currently have eligible.
请选择您想要锁的 MDT 数额。最低 625 MDT。

Customize amount 自定义数量:


OR 或者


Please select your preferred lock-up period.


Confirmation 确认

You have chosen to lock up 1,000 MDT, for the period of 12 months. You can receive 1,660 MDT when the lock-up ends. If this is correct, please click "Confirm and Lock" and complete the lock-up in MetaMask.
您选择了锁 1,000 MDT ,锁12个月。在锁定期结束后可以获得1,660 MDT。确认无误后请点击“确认并锁币”,在 Metamask 中完成锁币流程。

By clicking "Confirm and Lock" you agree to the rules of MDT Bonus Giveaway Campaign.
The lock-up is a one-time action and is not reversible.
点击“确认并锁币”代表您同意量数币 MDT 锁仓赠币计划

Your Locked Up Tokens
MDT 锁币动态

The lock-up event has ended on Febuary 10, 2018. You may only track or withdraw your tokens below.

Your Account in MetaMask 您在 MetaMask 所选的地址:


Your Early/Late Bird Lock-up 早/晚鸟锁仓

Lock-up Amount
1,000 MDT

Lock-up Period
12 Months/月

Your will be able to withdraw your locked tokens and bonus on Febuary 8, 2019. Total amount: 1,660 MDT.
您可以在2018年5月8日取出您锁定的代币和奖励,共计1,660 MDT

Your Private Sale Lock-up 私募锁仓

Lock-up Amount
10,000 MDT

Lock-up Period
6 Months/月

Your will be able to withdraw your locked tokens and bonus on August 4, 2018. Total amount: 13,000 MDT.
您可以在2018年5月8日取出您锁定的代币和奖励,共计13,000 MDT

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