MDT Bonus Giveaway Campaign
Up to 66% Bonus

Due to the price boom of the ETH, the MDT crowdsale scheduled in January 2018 is canceled. The remaining 20% of the total supply of MDT will be given away to all participants of the previous token sale rounds (private sale, early bird and late bird, which make up to 30% of the total supply). Each participant can get extra bonus up to 66% of his/her contributions from previous rounds.

This Bonus Giveaway campaign comes with a lock-up plan which ensures that the longer one is willing to lock-up his/her MDT, the more bonus one can get.

Lock-up period Start Time: The day that a participants successfully locked up his/her MDT is the starting date of the lock-up period. For instance, suppose someone locked up MDT on Feb 1, a “3-month-lock-up” period (90 days) will be unlocked on May 2.

Lock-up Plan and Respective Bonus Percentage:

All participants have 3 options of lock-up periods, and each has its respective bonus percentage:
3-month-lock-up (90 days): 10%
6-month-lock-up (180 days): 30%
12-month-lock-up (365 days):66%

The minimum lock-up allocation: All participants can allocate their MDT to a suitable lock-up plan at their own will. However, the minimum amount to participate in lock-up plan is 625 MDT. When participating in the lock-up plan, one cannot allocate MDT for different lock-up periods (no mix and match).

For example, if one would like to join the Bonus Giveaway campaign, one can choose to allocate 625 MDT to join the 3-month-lock-up period (90 days) plan, and the rest opted out. However, one cannot choose only 100 MDT (which is smaller than 625 MDT) to any lock-up plan. One cannot allocate 625 MDT for a 3-month-lock-up and another 625 MDT for 6-month-lock-up (180 days), either.

The lock-up event page will be activated from February 5 11pm (Pacific Time) to February 12 11pm (Pacific Time), 2018. If you plan to participate in the event, please make sure that MetaMask is installed and your wallet imported. Follow the instruction on the lock-up event page and complete the lock-up procedure. When the lock-up period ends, one will be able to withdraw his/her locked MDT with the bonus tokens on the lock-up event page.

The Lock Up event has ended. You may track your locked up tokens below.

Locked Up MDT

Here is an exmaple:

John participated in the ealry bird round, and purchased 62,500 MDT (exchange rate: 1 ETH = 6,250 MDT), the lock-up period for early bird by default is one Month. The default lock-up will not be calculated in the lock-up plan for bonus.

John decided to join the lock-up plan, and made the following choice:

50,000 MDT - Opts in the Bonus Giveaway - 3-month-lock-up (90 days)
The rest - Opts out
that is 62,500 MDT - 50,000 MDT = 12,500 MDT

*Suppose MDT is listed on exchange on Febrauary 1.

John will get 12,500 MDT after the default early bird lock-up period ends on March 1.

On May 30 (when the 3-month-lock-up is ended),
John will get the extra Bonus: 50,000 MDT * 10% (the bonus rate for 3-month-lock-up) = 5,000 MDT
The MDT opted in for lock-up: 50,000 MDT
= 55,000 MDT

In this example, John in total receives 67,500 MDT. The bonus he gets from the lock-up is 5,000 MDT.

[End of Example]

--- Attention ---

The lock-up plan will be enforced with smart contract, which means no changes can be made after it’s created. Please read through the instructions before you make any decision. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the lock-up plan and the bonus giveaway campaign.
Measurable Foundation Ltd. reserves all rights.

Due to a different default lock-up plan for private sale participants, they will be contacted privately to proceed with the Bonus Giveaway campaign.
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