Measurable Data Token currently does not serve customers in the following countries/regions/territories: China (Mainland), Cuba, Iran, Korea (North), Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

Capital Markets and DeFi, bridged.

What is MeFi?

Measurable Finance (MeFi) is a blockchain oracle for financial data, made for the decentralized finance industry. It contributes off-chain external financial data feeds to public blockchains, empowering the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem with reliable financial data on chain.

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Build DeFi Projects
with MeFi

Implementing hybrid smart contracts with a financial data component?

MeFi can be your solution for linking real-world financial data with your Dapp. We're ready to help you with your defi projects connecting to the real-world financial data.

/* Request Stock Price From MeFi */
function requestStockPrice(string memory _symbol) public returns (bytes32) {
    MeFi.Request memory req = buildMeFiStockPriceRequest(requestStockPriceJobId, _symbol, address(this), this.fulfillStockPrice.selector);
    curReqId = sendMeFiRequest(req, fee);
    return curReqId;

A Purpose-built Oracle

Just Right for DeFi Projects

Seamless Framework

The MeFi oracle is built for DeFi projects in hybrid smart contracts, with easy-to-use frameworks. Check our documentation to learn more

MeFi for DeFi

MeFi is a purpose-built oracle for DeFi projects. Currently MeFi is focusing on real-world stock market data, to bridge the financial market with DeFi, more varieties of data feed will be available.

NASDAQ:AAPL USD $142.64 HKD $505.5 HKEX:0700.HK
MeFi Showcase

The MeFi Dapp is built to showcase how the MeFi oracle works. It helps users to access stock prices on the blockchain from the real world capital markets through the MeFi Oracle. Check this video on how it works, or just try it out yourself at

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