Measurable Data Token currently does not serve customers in the following countries/regions/territories: China (Mainland), Cuba, Iran, Korea (North), Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

MDT Gift Code

MDT Redemption

Congratulations for getting an MDT gift code! Let’s see how you can redeem the bonus MDT!

1. Download the RewardMe App and log into your account. If you don't have an account, please create a new one

Install RewardMe via App Store

Install RewardMe via Google Play

If you encounter any problems with the registration, please contact [email protected].

2. After logging in RewardMe, click the wallet button in the bottom navigation bar on the home page. After navigate to the wallet page, click “MDT Gift Code” in the Quick Actions section.

First, click on the wallet button at the bottom navigation bar to navigate to the wallet page. Second, click on MDT gift code button in the Quick Actions section at the wallet page.

3. Follow the instructions, enter the gift code.

3 screenshots that show how to redeem gift code in RewardMe.
Enter the gift code and hit the “Submit” button. After submitting your gift code, and if the gift code is valid, the page will show the amount of redeemed MDT.

The MDT redeemed will be sent to your wallet within a few minutes. Please check your wallet.

A gif image shows a MDT coin