Measurable Data Token currently does not serve customers in the following countries/regions/territories: China (Mainland), United States, Cuba, Iran, Korea (North), Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

Measurable Data Token

Control and Monetize Your Data

Measurable Data Token

Know Your Competitors

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What does
MDT mean to you?

MDT's Consumer Oriented Product: MyMDT is your data wallet where you can securely manage your anonymous data as profitable digital assets. You can control what to share and whom to share with. Every time your data is used, you will get rewarded.

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Do Less

Access your MDT right from the MyMDT App. You can manage your data with a couple of clicks on your phone. No extra efforts are needed.

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Earn More

Start earning by doing what you already do. The more value your data generates, the more you earn.

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Secure All

We only deal with aggregated anonymous data, which means no personal, identifiable data will be shared. Your privacy is under our protection.

How does MDT work?

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Use Case

MyMDT is a Dapp based on Ethereum that allows users to get rewarded for sharing anonymous data points. It's the user-oriented portal in the MDT ecosystem.

Users now can join the MDT ecosystem through the MyMDT Dapp. Currently MyMDT supports three features: 1, Allows users to opt in the MDT ecosystem to share anonymous data points for MDT rewards 2, Allocate and deposit the MDT rewards for users 3, Allow users to earn more rewards by finishing specific tasks.

Apart from the main feature of allowing users to opt in and share anonymous data points, in this version users can also earn rewards by finishing tasks. These tasks are often tailored made for the third-party applications that embeds MyMDT so that users can get more familiar with both the MyMDT dapp and the ecosystem of the third-party application.

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What does
MDT mean to your business?

MDT's Business Oriented Product: Measurable AI is your data powerhouse that provides accurate, real-time and actionable consumer insights, built with blockchain technology.

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Real-time Data

Measurable AI collects over 20 billion anonymous data points from actual online shoppers all over the world.

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Actionable Insights

You can set up your own data panel to answer your specific questions on the SKU level.

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Security and Traceability

Thanks to the blockchain technology, all data transactions are both traceable and anonymously stored on the blockchain.

Use Case

Measurable AI is an alternative data provider that transforms transactional data into consumer insights, serving financial institutions and companies coming from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

By scanning and identifying actual online spender’s email receipts in aggregate, Measurable AI transforms them into valuable insights, which updates daily right after the purchases happen.

Built on top of the blockchain technology, Measurable AI ensures that all data points are collected from real and active consumers. It’s one of the most accurate, secure and largest big data panel on consumer insights.

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Talk to our representative and know more about our latest App Intelligence product, which covers Revenues Trends, Share of Wallet, User Overlap from all the top mobile apps.

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