Frequently Asked Questions about MDT

What is MDT?

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a crypto token for a decentralized data exchange ecosystem. MDT connects data providers, users, and data buyers, and denominates the data’s value when exchanged. MDT enables a more efficient, transparent and honest market for data trading.

What’s the relationship between MailTime and MDT?

Built by the MDT team with coffee ☕️ and love ❤️, MailTime is an email messenger app that makes mobile email as easy as text-messaging. As the primary subject in the MDT Data Exchange ecosystem, MailTime is the first use case to compensate users for the anonymous data they share.

MDT aims to scale this new ecosystem and its associated technologies to become the industry standard for data exchange where sharing data is no longer an obstacle for any parties.

MDT Token Price:

1ETH= 7500 MDT (50% Bonus! Private-sale ended in just 4 days!) Completed!

1ETH = 6,250 MDT (Early Bird, 25% Bonus! Ended in just 1 day!) Completed!

Token Distribution:

  • Pre-Sale (15%): 150,000,000 MDT Completed!

  • Token Sale (35%) : 350,000,000 MDT

    • Early Bird (15%): 150,000,000 MDT Completed!

    • Token Bonus Giveaway (20%): 200,000,000 MDT

  • User Growth Pool (15%): 150,000,000 MDT

  • Team (24%): 240,000,000 MDT

  • MailTime Investors (11%): 110,000,000 MDT


  • Development:40%

  • Computation:20%

  • Administration:10%

  • Marketing:25%

  • Contingency:5%

Is there a hard / soft cap?

Maximum financing:84,000 ETH
Minimum financing:25,000 ETH

Is MDT an ERC20 token?

Yes, it is.

Is KYC mandatory?

Yes, registration and KYC are mandatory to be eligible to participate in the token distribution event.

Measurable Foundation collects information from registration to meet compliance requirements and ensure the contributors are eligible to be in the distribution event.

Can I register more than a single Ethereum address?

No, the wallet address you provide during registration is the only address from which you may use during the token distribution event. If you would like to update your Ethereum address, you may contact the MDT team at to go through the registration and KYC flow again.

How long does it take for the participant verification to finish?

Verification may take up to 5 business days, after which time you will be notified via email of your eligibility. Please contact us at if you have not heard from us after 5 business days.

Can I contribute with Bitcoin?

No, but Ethereum is welcome.

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